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The Split Rock
The Split Rock

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Chapter Eleven - The Clash of the Giants

STILL Melo's club stayed in his belt. "I have no wish to fight you, why must you hurt these people, they have not harmed you?"

"People like them did this to me," Tharoc pointed to his eye,

"This is not your land - leave it in peace."

"Where is my land? Where is my home?"

The cry of grief and despair sent a shiver up Sean's spine, even the woman, he noticed had a look of sadness in her eyes.

Melo sighed. "I know not, Tharoc, but you cannot go on destroying this land and its people."

"There is none to stop me!" Tharoc raised his club and raced toward Melo. Sean gasped as the club descended toward Melo's head. As if by magic, Melo's club blocked the blow, twisting it out of Tharoc's hand and sent it spinning it into the air. It landed twenty paces away and quickly changed colour. Within moments it had turned into a long blue-grey wall of rock!

Melo threw his club away. "Let us talk," he pleaded.

Tharoc roared, charging Melo. He grabbed him around the waist and lifted him above his head.

Tharoc spun Melo around and hurled him away. Through the air Melo flew fifty paces and landed with a loud thud.

The Giant lay face down in water that bubbled up around him. Sean's heart skipped a beat as he looked at the motionless Melo.

Tharoc picked up Melo's club and advanced, the scar on his face shining bright red in the morning sun.

"Get up Melo! He's coming - get up!" Sean called on the top of his voice, throwing stones at Tharoc.

The Giant glowered at Sean. "Do you think little mortal that you could beat me with your grains of sand?"

Swinging the club in the air, Tharoc started to climb the hill toward Sean.

The Chieftain stood between the Giant and Sean. "Come no further, for if ye want the child ye have to fight me first!"

"Tharoc!" Melo's voice boomed over the valley. "You have not finished with me yet." He wiped the mud from his eyes as he struggled to find firm footing in the rapidly rising water.

With a bellow of rage the one eyed Giant charged down the hill aiming a blow at Melo's head. But Melo was too quick, the club never landed.

He grabbed Tharoc's wrist in a vice like grip that could not be broken. They fell to the ground sending a spray of water high into the air.

All day long they fought up and down the valley. The sound of the battle echoed around the mountainside. The water spread across the valley and somewhere beneath the muddy water the club was lost.

Tharoc tried to hit Melo, Melo blocked, grabbing a leg he swung Tharoc above his head. He let go and the One eyed Giant's body skipped across the water and crunched against the bank at the far end of the valley. With a cry of rage Tharoc charged back sending a wave of water crashing against opposite banks.

The sun sat low on the mountain when the Giants stopped. They slumped into the water and stared at each other.

Sean peered over the side at the two Giants, wondering what was going to happen.

"This will never decide who goes and who stays. Let us find a better way."

Tharoc sat up, the scar on his face glowing in the evening light. "Yes - but how?"

To be continued

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© John W. Kelly

A collection of stories and poems about life, leprechauns, banshees, and all —
from John W. Kelly, Irish Storyteller in Australia.
Sadly, John Kelly has passed away, but this website remains as a memorial to his Seanachi storytelling talents.
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