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The Split Rock
The Split Rock

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Chapter Thirteen - The Split Rock

THAROC stood proudly beside his rock with the club resting on top. It lay half buried in the ground, on the lower slopes leading to the Ocean.

Melo lowered the three humans to the ground then walked over to Tharoc.

"See, this is my stone," Tharoc tapped the club on it, "I do not see yours anywhere."

Melo looked around shaking his head.

"Sean - Shanahee look this way!" It was the Leprechaun."Over here - on the rock!"

The Leprechaun danced around Tharoc's club.

"Melo can you see him?"

"I see no-one, Sean."

"Sha the Leprecahun, he's on the rock!"

Tharoc jumped back in surprise, leaving the club behind. It remained upright as the Leprechaun twisted and twirled, dancing a jig.


"Only you can see the Leprechaun," Melo said, "that's what he told you."

"Sean, look out to sea." Sha instructed. "There, where the black rocks are flat and waves run right up to the land."

"Look Melo, your rock!"

Both Giants turned to the Ocean - there, at the waters edge, glistening black stood the rock. Waves splashed against it sending a silver spray into the air.

"It cannot be! No-one can throw a stone as far as me!" Tharoc grabbed up the club.

"Look out!" Sean yelled a warning to the Leprechaun but Sha already had disappeared.

"I curse this rock!" With one earth shattering blow Tharoc hit it. There was a huge explosion as the rock split in two.

"Anyone who walks through three times will disappear and never return."

He sank to the ground letting the club slip from his fingers.

Sha stood on top of one side of the spilt rock and looked down into the crack, then he turned his grinning face up to Sean. "This will be grand, just what we need, a gateway into Tir-Na-No-óg!"


"But...Tharoc has put a curse on it!"

"True, true, but he can take it off again."

Melo walked over to Tharoc. "Would you leave this land with a Giant's curse?"

"It will stay until I find my home!"

"I can tell him, with your help Shanahee."

"How?" Sean looked at the Leprechaun.

"Sha, what does he have to say." Melo asked.

"He said with my help he can show Tharoc the way home but first he must lift the curse from the rock,"

Tharoc rose to his feet. "How can I trust the word of a mortal? After what they have done to me!"

"It is not my word but the word of Sha the Leprechaun." Sean spoke bravely. "Remove the curse and we will go down to Melo's rock, there you will know where your home is."

"Do as they bid my friend," Melo said quietly.

He cast a handful of earth between the two halves of the rock. "All who pass through this stone will be safe for now it cannot close."

*Silently they all headed for Melo's rock that stood on the edge of the sea.

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© John W. Kelly

A collection of stories and poems about life, leprechauns, banshees, and all —
from John W. Kelly, Irish Storyteller in Australia.
Sadly, John Kelly has passed away, but this website remains as a memorial to his Seanachi storytelling talents.
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