Seanachi - Storyteller
Gaelic stories, banshees, leprechauns
Seanachi - Shanahee - Irish Storyteller
 Irish Stories and Poems

©John W. Kelly:

A collection of stories and poems about life, leprechauns, banshees, and all —
from John W. Kelly, Irish Storyteller in Australia
Some stories are in episodes: Bait, Banshee, Blossom, Contract, Daffodil, Goanna, Ikky , Locket, Madra, Mary, Mary1, Mary2, Mary3, Mary4, Mary5, Mary6, Poems, Rock , Rock1, Rock10, Rock11, Rock12, Rock2, Rock3, Rock4, Rock5, Rock6, Rock7, Rock8, Rock9, Teacher
Sadly, John Kelly has passed away, but this website remains as a memorial to his Seanachi storytelling talents.
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